Our Brews

Our Brews

We brew every beer by hand; making every farm-fresh ale a special brew.


Buzzards Bay IPA
Our American grown version of a classic ale. Using 2 caramel malts, victory malt and wheat malt along with 3 different hops (Warrior, Cascades and Palisade) and dry-hopped with Ahtenum and Cascades.
OG: 15.0 Plato / Alc 6.3%
IBU: 44

Moby D
Inspired by the clean, crisp Altbiers of Germany, our Moby D is a year round favorite. Brewed with 3 different caramel malts and bittering hops.
OG: 12.2 Plato / 5.0% Alc
IBU: 21

Our classic unfiltered all-American golden ale. Brewed with pale and wheat malts and refreshingly hopped with cascades.
OG: 11.0 Plato / 4.8% Alc
IBU: 12


Swamp Yankee
A dark hoppy ale brewed with 2 caramel and a special black malt and hopped with a single hop: Palisade (including dry-hop).
OG: 15.5 Plato/ Alc
IBU: 44

Father Mapple’s Apple Smoked Double IPA
Brewed with our friends from the Pour Farm Tavern in New Bedford this double IPA is a rich, floral brew that’s blessed by a touch of applewood smoked malt. Aromatics are abundant as both mosaic and chinook hops shine. Dry-hopped with over a pound per barrel of nugget and mosaic.
OG: 17.2 Plato / 8.2% Alc
IBU: 91

Left Blank
If we were to fill in the blank, we might say this is an American Pale Ale. And maybe it’s brewed with pale and caramel malts and hopped with palisades.
OG: 13.5 Plato / 5.6% Alc
IBU: 30

West Porter
Our classic American dark ale. Enjoy the deep rich flavor of five malts (Pale, Bonlander, Dark Munich, CaraBrown and Dark Chocolate) blended for maximum smoothness.
OG: 12.5 Plato / 4.9% Alc
IBU: 24

Lizzie’s Famous “81 Whacks” India Red Ale (red IPA)
Welcome to our popular hoppy red ale which we brew once a year. Deep sanguine color with layers of aroma: birch, toffee, citrus, beachplum and roasted nuts. Lizzie is hoppy throughout with a lingering and deliciously dry finish. We brew L81 with pale malt, two black malts and hop with Warrior, Centennial and dry-hop with Palisade, Ahtenum and Cascades.
OG: 15.5 Plato / 6.4% Alc
IBU: 45

Horseneck Golden IPA
Pale malt, Caramel 20 and CaraPils malts brewed with only one hop, that fabulous Cascades. This year’s Horseneck features the hops from our friends at Carpenter Ranch. Look for bright citrus and clean flavors, moderate bitterness with a hint of caramel.
Think “summer” in a bottle.
OG: 14.8 Plato / 6.1% Alc
IBU: 35

So delicious it’s spooky. We brew with a frightening number of malts (8!) including Pale, Brown, Pilsner, Chocolate, Victory, Oats and Caramel. The result is a deeply disturbed brown ale that’ll creep up on you and scare the maltiness into your life.
OG: 14.5 Plato / 5.7% Alc
IBU: 12

Autumnal aromas of warm roasted malts, caramel and delicate fruit. Rich and malty with layers of flavor behind the cool fermented deliciousness. Perfect for cool nights and falling leaves.
OG: 12.4 Plato / Alc 5.4%
IBU: 22

Christmas Ale
Our very special Christmas Ale brewed with our own farm-raised grapes. Green grapes and red grapes (get it? Christmas!) were introduced to the wort in our hopback. Alicante Bouchet and Rkatsiteli grapes grown just across the road lend the beer beautifully fruity nuances.
OG: 16.0 Plato / 6.4% Alc
IBU: 15

Sow and Pigs
Sow and Pigs is a Kolsch style ale that is perfect for summer: it’s vibrantly crisp, refreshing and totally easy drinking. Brewed with pale malt and kissed by cascade hops, Sow and Pigs is the perfect brew for a day on the bay.
OG: 11 Plato/ 4.1% Alc
IBU: 9

This feisty, sleek, dark and hoppy “uncommon” ale is named after our brewery cat, Havoc, and inspired by the California Common beer-style. Instead of being light in color, as the CC style is, it’s as black as Havoc. Teasing aromas of red berry, toffee and chocolate chase a pleasant maltyness and pounce on the hoppy finish. As our good friend Mr Shakespeare penned, “cry ‘Havoc!’ and let’s sip the hops of wort!”
OG: 13.2 Plato / 5.4% Alc
IBU: 35

FarmAle I.P. Hay
An ale brewed with a bale of first cut hay. The hay adds a green tea-like aroma and flavor which is plowed among a field of Mosaic hops and pale malt. Look for tea, tropical, pineapple aromas and a crisp flavor with moderate bitterness.
OG: 12.5 Plato / 5.2% Alc
IBU: 35