Welcome to our 2022 Food Truck Farm Fest!
We have a wonderful variety of Food Trucks and Musicians for this Farm Fest season.
All Ages! Free admission!
Food, Wine and Beer sold (and fabulous, local Empire Soda for the kids).

5-Aug Tacofied, Bob Porawski
6-Aug Cuttyhunk Raw Bar & bring your own picnic day with bluegrass concert featuring Cold County
12-Aug Fancheezical, J Kelley and John Fernandes
13-Aug Fancheezical, Cuttyhunk Raw Bar, Gary Farias
19-Aug Fancheezical, Butch McCarthy
20-Aug Green Jar Cocina, Cuttyhunk Raw Bar, Morgan Reitzas
26-Aug Red’s Street Kitchen,
27-Aug Fancheezical, Cuttyhunk Raw Bar, The Jethros
2-Sep Tacofied, New Bedford Symphony String Duet featuring Emmy Holmes-Hicks, violin, and Peter Zay, cello and guitar. They will play a mix of fiddling, tango, and classical.
3-Sep Tacofied, Cuttyhunk Raw Bar, Pearly Baker Acoustic
9-Sep Fancheezical, G and I
10-Sep Fancheezical, Ian Motha
16-Sep Fancheezical, Michael Leidig
17-Sep Fancheezical, Neal McCarthy Duo
23-Sep Fancheezical, Craig DeMello Band
24-Sep Red’s Street Kitchen, Fresh Perspective
30-Sep Tacofied,
1-Oct Tacofied, Morgan Reitzas